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Email marketing services and solutions

  • Email list management.
  • Campaign strategy & execution.
  • Email template design.
  • Analytics reporting.

Email is thriving as one of the marketer’s optimal digital marketing tools. Email is one of the marketing channels that you can have a great impact with. Establish, grow and maintain strong customer relations and communicate effectively with your clients through email marketing.

Email marketing is a crucial component of a comprehensive marketing plan. When executed correctly, a strategic email marketing campaign will expand your sales conversation to a broader audience and build loyalty with your existing customers.

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How We Can Help With Your Email Marketing

In a recent study by Econsultancy, the businesses they surveyed rated email marketing, “…as the best channel for return on investment after search engine optimization.” Even with the changes to the Canadian Anti-Spam Law, email remains one of the most important tools in the marketing mix when it comes to customer retention and engagement.

Are you taking full advantage of the many benefits of email marketing? Here are four key strategic benefits of email marketing:

  • Costs far less to create and distribute than direct mail.
  • Creates instant response, driving traffic to your website.
  • Develops relationships and increases brand engagement.
  • Faster campaign set up means quicker implementation.

Graphically Speaking has extensive experience developing and implementing successful email marketing initiatives. We can help you with everything from the initial opt-in strategy to more complex ongoing marketing campaigns.

Our search marketing specialists can assist you with the following:

Email Marketing Strategy

We start by taking the time to understand your business, marketing goals and customers so that we can identify available opportunities, segment your customer list, develop effective content and establish a campaign.

Manage Email Lists

We will create a plan to expand your email list starting with the initial opt-in strategy. If you have an existing email list we will help you to organize and manage that as well.

Reporting and Performance

Ongoing monitoring and performance tracking will enable us to determine the success of your campaigns and make continual improvements.

Design and Programming

We are a full-service web development agency. Our talented designers can create custom email designs, while our experienced programmers can set up and program your email or newsletter templates.

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