Web Programming

Modern websites are far more than simple HTML as web programming has become increasingly sophisticated. Design principles will only get you so far. You need a strong team of technical website programmers to ensure your website functions correctly on the complex and ever-changing web.

Programming Compliance

Graphically Speaking in Vancouver has a team of 16 dedicated website software programmers fully trained on the latest technical developments for web programming. Our website programmers ensure your website is professionally programmed for:

  • Compliance and compatibility with mainstream web browsers
  • Optimal download times
  • iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and other mobile devices
  • SSL and server commerce security
  • PCI DSS credit card compliance
  • 3rd Party database and web service integrations
  • Effective web analytics
  • Compliance and compatibility with the most advanced Cascading Style Sheets
  • The implementation of advanced options such as JavaScript, DHTML, Flash, XML, WAP, Visual Basics scripts, etc.
  • Compliance with W3C standards
  • Effective implementation of database programming to efficiently capture and display information Programming language compatibility allowing for easy support by other programmers

Programming Languages

Graphically Speaking supports most common web programming languages including:

  • ASP Visual Basic
  • Microsoft .NET programming and .NET2 using C#/VB
  • XML / XSLT etc.
  • SQL
  • PHP programming
  • JavaScript
  • Java

And much more...

Graphically Speaking has the following dedicated programming experts to meet your needs:

  • C# programmers
  • PHP programmers
  • ASP programmers
  • CSS & HTML programmers
  • Smartphone & Mobile programmers
  • Certified Magento Developers
  • IT programmers

And much more...

Website Hosting

Our programming team can assist our clients with their hosting requirements. The benefits of this is that our experienced team can quickly and effectively implement your website with the most advanced hosting companies. We do not provide hosting solutions nor do we receive any commissions from any hosting companies. This ensures that we choose the most effective and reliable hosting company for your requirements.

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