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June 20, 2016

B2B Digital Marketing Trends for 2016

Email Marketing for Mobile

1. Email Marketing for Mobile

Mobile is the new email inbox and according to research 67% of all U.S. email opens occurred on a mobile device, 75% of those on smartphones. An increasing number of B2B companies will use email marketing more effectively by shifting their focus to the mobile experience.

2. Content is Still King

It’s simple: provide useful and relevant content that help visitors do their job and they will reward you. Content marketing budgets will grow by 59% according to recent reports released by PulsePoint and Digiday. Additionally search engines are rewarding high-quality and relevant content by giving far better ranking and search results.

3. Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine ranking will continue to be a primary tactic for generating qualified website traffic. Focus will be on making better use of both organic and paid search to maximize conversion of visitors to sales leads and ultimately, paying customers. With a custom mix of organic, pay-per-click, remarketing, banners and social media ads, smart marketers will be able to experiment with multiple campaign channels to maximize ROI.

4. The Rise of Advocate Marketing

An effective marketing tool for B2B firms is word-of-mouth endorsements from advocates through reviews, recommendations and social media sharing. The rise in advocate marketing will be accompanied by social media that is regaining prominence as a customer service and retention tool.

5. Every Design Tells a Story

Website design will focus on the user journey, rather than relying on a complex websites with in-depth navigation menu. The content will be presented in an engaging, visually interesting way that motivates users to complete specific goals which propel them into the sales funnel.

This major shift in web design strategy starts during the initial brainstorming sessions: the brand message and main calls-to-action are integrated within the design and content strategy for effective communication. Look for more long scrolling pages and simplified navigation for mobile usability.

6. Focus On Interactive Elements

Website visitors now expect content and media to include interactivity to keep them engaged. With the proliferation of effective web tools it is easier and more cost effective than ever to add interactivity to web pages, whitepapers, e-books, webinars, podcasts, infographics, case studies, videos and blogs.

7. Web Apps

Web applications that are built into a website itself rather than download and installed onto a computer or mobile device are highly cost effective yet functional. Web Apps often include calculators, assessments, estimate builders, interactive white papers or other utilities that turns content into something users will interact with and find useful.

8. Personalized Online Experiences

Forrester Research predicts, “In 2016, leaders will understand and anticipate individual needs to deliver personalized experiences, sharply increasing their lead in the market.” Firms are recognizing how customer experiences can drive business differentiation, visitor engagement and company profitability. This will mean a much more systematic and intentional approach to the customer experience.

9. Security Takes Center Stage

A recent report by Hewlett Packard found 86% of web applications tested had serious issues with authentication, access control, and confidentiality. What’s worse, 52% of web applications suffered from commonly-known vulnerabilities.

In other words, most business web applications suffer from widely known, preventable security vulnerabilities. This will lead to more data breaches over the next year, driving the need for security further into the spotlight.

10. Less Code To Deliver More & Faster

Users are becoming more keenly aware and impatient of slow or improperly functioning websites and will often leave the site as a result. The trend is to use less and more efficient code to achieve a balance of speed and functionality. It’s also important because more and more users are accessing websites through potentially slower mobile devices.

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