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February 06, 2023

Benefits of Adding an Online Quoting System For B2B Buyers & Suppliers

Many B2B prospective customers will want a quote before they place an order. With an online quote request system, specifying and purchasing products can be easy, accurate, and suited to their needs, any time - day or night.

Three benefits of adding a quoting system to your website

Here are 3 benefits of adding a quoting system to your website, that will improve your sales and website's conversion metrics:

1. Starts a relationship with a potential B2B customer

When a new customer is not sure that your products will meet their specifications, they may call you, send you an email, or even try your new online chat system… but this demands time and resources which means your prospective customer can leave your website to find a competitor. So why not give prospective customers a fast and easy quote system? With a quote system, customers will interact with your business and establish a relationship with you with very little effort. They can send details specifying their solution requirements, submit questions, drawings, and schematics, and connect with your business on their time and terms.

"More B2B buyers are speaking to sales reps earlier in the buying process, with 42% of buyers speaking to sales reps in the first month, compared to 33% in 2018" - Demandbase, 2020

2. Assists your customer to select the right product before purchasing

Companies need to have accurate solutions and product information when making purchasing decisions. Details matter and one size rarely fits all.

A quote request sent to your office can give insight to the unique circumstances that will help you find a solution for your customer that is both cost effective and profitable to you. Adding and adjusting the quote details for your customer to match their needs, gives them the assurance they are buying correctly.

3. Allows for your customers to negotiate with you

Customers look for ways to cut costs wherever they can. They will buy in volume, seek purchasing agreements, and may want to negotiate with you about the price, the delivery date, or buying programs that will save them money.

With a quote request, you can adjust for material and handling costs and work with your shipper to provide the best most cost-effective method to ship to your customer.

Negotiating with your customer – is a sale waiting to happen.


How Can I Implement an Effective Quoting System Online?

Make sure you reach out to an experienced web developer to get personalized technical support and Ecommerce services. Graphically Speaking is Western Canada’s largest eCommerce agency. We have worked with more than 300+ businesses and helped them expand at an international level with our highly productive eCommerce website designs, dedicated Vancouver team of developers, and world-class online marketing strategies. Contact us today to learn more. 

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