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September 08, 2016

Must-Have Features for Any Ecommerce Product Page

Your customers expect a seamless online shopping experience - anything less will significantly impact your conversion rates. Every ecommerce store must have a number of basic features to please their shoppers. We’ve put together a complete checklist of features your store should include to help increase your online sales.

Product-Page Essentials

Your customers want to see certain product information before making a purchase decision. The following features are a must for your product pages:

  • Product titles or names
  • Product images
  • Product detail (materials, dimensions, weight, etc.)
  • “Add to Cart” button
  • Price
  • Product availability (is the product in stock, and if not, when?)
  • Payment methods (Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, etc.)
  • Shipping information
  • Return information
  • Sizing guide (for clothing and accessories)
  • Available colours

These essentials aim to describe the product and make it easy to purchase. Your “Add to Cart” button should be large and easy to find - if your customer cannot find it within seconds, they may become impatient, resulting in a lost sale. In addition, your product descriptions should be detailed and your product photos should be eye-catching and accurate.

User-Generated Content

User-Generated Content (UGC) is content your customer creates for your company. Certain UGC can greatly benefit your store. Typical UGC essentials include:

  • Product ratings
  • Product reviews
  • An option to leave a review or rating
  • Review-filter options
  • An “Add to Wishlist” button

User-generated content gives your products and your store credibility. By including the features above, your customers will feel more inclined to purchase your products.


Sometimes customers may add a product to their cart but miss related items that they are likely to want as well. There are a variety of merchandising features you can include on your product pages to help customers find products that may complement others they’ve purchased.

  • Relevant product recommendations (“People who liked this also liked…”)
  • Cross-selling (complementary items such as accessories)
  • Up-selling (“Frequently bought together”)

Not only do these features help your customer, they help your bottom line. When implemented correctly, the right merchandising features can increase the revenue of your average sale significantly.

Experience Enhancers

While not essential, experience enhancers are used to improve the attractiveness of your product pages while giving shoppers more useful information about the product. The following experience enhancers can be used to take your product pages to the next level:

  • Product videos
  • 360-degree views of products
  • Zoom options for product photos
  • International pricing and currency converters
  • Trustmarks (security badges, testimonials, etc.)
  • Live-chat customer support
  • Special offers
  • Product codes
  • Social proof (e.g., how many people purchased the product or added it to their wishlist) 
  • Social-share buttons

By including the features above, you can greatly improve your product pages and boost your conversion rates.

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