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January 28, 2014

Two Graphically Speaking Websites Nominated for Sitefinity Website of the Year

Two Graphically Speaking websites have been selected as finalists for the Top Sitefinity Website of 2013. Finalists are recognized based on their creativity, design and user experience. Ocean Brands is nominated for Best Design and Teradici for the Technology category.

Ocean Brands Sitefinity Design for Best Design



We highlighted this site as one of our most exciting designs from 2013 and it appears that Sitefinity agrees with us. The Ocean Brands’ Sitefinity website was designed around Ocean’s two product lines. The end result is a high-design concept that gives the impression of two distinct sites expertly blended into one.

Teradici Sitefinity Design for Technology


The Teradici Sitefinity website was designed to promote Teradici as an industry leader in the VDI/PCoIP/remote desktop space. The result is a clear and intuitive website that provides users with easy-access to information about their latest products and events.

We are very proud of the talented team at Graphically Speaking who helped make these websites a reality.

Please cast your votes here. We are grateful for your support.

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