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March 30, 2021

Why You Should Hire a Digital Agency for Your B2B Ecommerce

B2B industries are flourishing and a lot of it has to do with leading companies using ecommerce websites.

You understand the need for digital tools to help market your business and fulfill obligations, but building an effective ecommerce platform is a big task.

Ultimately, you're going to have to hire someone to help. The question is whether you should build your own in-house team or outsource the work of a digital agency.

Below are some compelling reasons to consider working with a full-service digital web agency.

Efficient Spending

If you're going to expand your digital and ecommerce segments, you'll need to hire people. You need real experts to get the job done correctly.

If you hire in-house, you get the full overhead cost of creating a new department. In addition to the base salaries, you have to give them space to work, tools to get the work done, support for those tools and the rest of the package that comes with additional hiring.

If you go with a digital agency, you easily mitigate the overhead costs of expanding your digital world. It's pretty simple. You assume your agency has more than one client. That means general overhead costs are split across the clients. Dollar for dollar, you're spending less on overhead and more on the expertise you need to develop your ecommerce.

Efficient Application

By that same token, an organized digital agency is going to be more efficient in the development and deployment of all of your new digital assets. You're hiring a streamlined team to do the work. You expect their experience and cohesiveness to translate into a better process for all of your digital applications.

business plan ecommerce 

Whether they're designing a website from the ground up or rolling out a new marketing campaign, the expectation is that you are working with an already well-oiled machine.

Getting your own in-house team to that level takes an investment of time and resources that can be difficult to justify.

Cutting-Edge Resources

The biggest difference between in-house and outsourced digital work is competitiveness. Your in-house team needs to be competitive within your vertical.

The agency needs to be competitive across digital industries. That forces them to be more up-to-date and on top of trends and technology that are essential to your business. They have to innovate and adopt leading innovations just to stay in the game, and they will almost always be ahead of any in-house team you could plan to maintain.

Additionally, they provide an outside perspective. This is one of the easiest ways to get fresh ideas that can be truly transformative and raise your B2B ecommerce to great heights.


Working in B2B, scalability is a word you see a lot.

It probably floats around in your dreams as you constantly strive to find ways to improve operations without resigning yourself to disruptive upgrades down the line. Scalability sits at the heart of B2B, and it's probably the single greatest advantage you gain from hiring a digital agency.

Growing your in-house team with the rest of the business is expensive and a source of endless headaches. With an outsourced agency, scalability is an expectation. They will keep up with your growth, or they will be replaced, and they know that. All of the growing pains related to your ecommerce can be someone else's problem, and, more importantly, someone else's expense.

Consistent Results

Ecommerce covers a lot of projects and applications. You need web development, digital marketing, B2B support and countless other niches and jobs to make the machine run. If you handle it all in-house, you'll strive to hire good people for each task, but you aren't leading them from a position of expertise. You're not a master of ecommerce, or you wouldn't be here.

Hiring an agency to do the job empowers you with organization that is built solely for digital work. It is run from a position of expertise, and that translates to consistency across all of these different cogs in the machine. This consistency helps the entire business run more smoothly, and it translates to consistency in your total operation.

Brand Development

Consistency within the business is important, but you also need to appear consistent to customers, clients and prospects. That's what branding is all about.

The same consistency that empowers your business from within can develop your brand and its appearance across platforms. Advertising, social media, web presence, customer interaction and many other facets of brand development all shape your image, and you want that image to be consistent. It's the core of a strong marketing campaign that brings in big business.

Return on Investment


Let's hit all of the major buzzwords and phrases.

ROI is a concept you can't escape in any business, and it's incredibly difficult to guarantee with in-house investments. Sure, you can demand a good ROI on your digital team, but the very structure of doing things in-house works against you.

If your team isn't up to snuff, the obvious solution is to replace them with better people, but that forces turnover and increases your overhead, pushing a positive ROI even further out of reach.

On the other hand, a digital agency should be able to work with you on ROI expectations and deliver you things of value. If they don't, replacing the agency typically incurs a much lower overhead cost than replacing an in-house team. The model is in your favor, and you stand to more reliably achieve your return goals with every investment.

Choose the Right Digital Agency for your B2B Ecommerce

There are a lot of reasons to look to a digital agency to help you develop or expand your B2B ecommerce.

All of it boils down to one, simple idea. You want to partner with a proven expert to make sure your investments work, and that's why you need a B2B digital marketing agency in Vancouver to help take you business to next level.

At Graphically Speaking, we specialize in cost-effective web solutions for B2B Ecommerce in Vancouver and across Canada. We are full service digital agency and deliver fully integrated digital solutions, including Web Design & Development, Content Management Systems, Ecommerce & Catalogues, Programming Services and Digital Marketing Services.


Contact us today to book a consultation and to find out how our digital agency and web strategists can help add value to your B2B Ecommerce.

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