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Our B2B Magento Developers serving Portland will help you Grow Revenue, Reduce Costs and Build Loyalty with a robust ecommerce platform customized specifically for your wholesale, manufacturing and distribution business.

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Why Choose Our Certified Magento Developers?

  • Certified B2B Magento team of specialists
  • Optional rapid Magento 2 development with 90 -120 day delivery
  • Cost-effective pricing for better ROI out of the gate
  • Product data expertise to maximize your conversions

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B2B Magento: What You Need to Know

There are companies that now specialize in B2B Magento implementations and Magento migrations like Graphically Speaking. These Magento development companies need to understand B2B businesses and how they work with the new breed of B2B Ecommerce software – Magento 2. In addition, they must have in-depth knowledge of product data, custom Magento integrations and other software platforms, pricing, shipping and then all the other capabilities of B2B Ecommerce.


Increased and Improved Sales

Your B2B Magento web design can take orders 24/7, easily handle re-orders, provide one click checkout and allow ordering online via their phone. It can also provide answers to frequently asked questions via self-service support sections. You can customize the way your Magento website design looks & the products it displays based on buyer preferences and history.


Customer-centric Experience

It is clear that users now prefer do-it-yourself options for researching products prior to purchase. Magento sites can provide them with access to self-service portals/websites with product descriptions, pricing, inventory, reviews, shipping and handling information, as well as their order history.


Higher Operational Efficiency

Digitization and automation of your Magento online business takes care of the routine tasks that previously were handled manually by your employees. This reduces errors and enables your staff to better advise, consult and support leads & clients.


The Right Tools

Gone are the days of B2B companies trying to force B2C Ecommerce platforms to meet their needs. Today the tools, such as Magento are available to meet most companies B2B requirements out of the box and more. This ensures adherence to best practices, far faster and less expensive implementations.

B2B customers state the “lack of speed in interactions with their suppliers” as the number one pain-point… twice as important as price.
Magento Toronto - V2_03

Find Out How To Improve Your Customers B2B Buyers Experience By:

A Checklist to Deliver Real Business Value

B2B Ecommerce Tools have evolved rapidly over the last few years. Capabilities that were previously available only to enterprise-level clients are now available for mid-to-small businesses. A team of Magento Developers can help bridge that gap. We have highlighted some key ecommerce capabilities and benefits that can be often met with built-in tools, dramatically reducing costs.

Build Loyalty

By Delivering Better Customer Service and A Frictionless Buying Experience.

Proven and professional B2B ecommerce tools will provide capabilities to enhance customer loyalty. It can cost 6-7 times more to acquire a new customer than retain an existing one. This is particularly the case in B2B industries where companies have repeat sales to a smaller number of customers. By hiring a Magento developer, they become part of your team.

  • Fast reordering
  • One click checkout
  • Quick bulk order forms
  • Purchase approval workflows
  • Assisted selling interface for customer service and sales representatives
  • Segmentation and targeting
  • Multiple, tailored sites:
  • By brand / division / geography
  • By account / channel partner
  • Customer-assigned catalogs
  • Fixed and dynamic pricing
  • Extensive pricing options
  • Easy quote submissions
  • Quote management and negotiation tools
  • Integrated customer communications channel
  • Buyer self-service quote status tracking
  • Ability to share and edit a cart with other buyers in the company

Reduce Costs

And Improve Margins With Operational Efficiencies.

The right ecommerce tool and the right Magento ecommerce developer replaces high-touch, manual processes with easy self-service tools so that your customers can make purchases at any time. This allows your sales team to focus on high value sales and lucrative custom orders.

  • Track open orders, quotes, shipments, and purchase history
  • Manage their corporate accounts
  • Setup buyer roles and permissions
  • Easy account payments
  • Access to account history
  • SKU and inventory validation
  • Custom catalogs and price lists
  • Self-service ordering – no manual data entry
  • Create pre-approved product lists for other buyers
  • Extensive APIs
  • Simple upload / download capabilities
  • Open, modern platform
  • Off-the-shelf extensions for additional functionality
  • Reliable and scalable hosting
    • AWS-based, 24x7 monitoring, 99.99% SLA
    • Multiple global hosting regions
  • High-speed CDN and performance management tools

Grow Revenue

with tools and insights that lead to new business opportunities.

Companies providing a B2B ecommerce solution expect a robust toolset to create a powerful, B2C-like buying experience that can increase customer spending and differentiate them from competitors. In addition, businesses want a mobile-ready responsive site that delivers a compelling, seamless experience with anytime, anywhere buying.

  • Reduce order taking
  • Streamlined assisted selling and RFPs
  • On-the-spot sales for sales reps
  • Increased product IQ
  • Mobile-ready, responsive site
  • Powerful merchandising & promotions
  • Robust content management
  • Campaign staging & preview
  • Quote to order monitoring
  • Individual sales rep KPIs reporting
  • Company metrics and health indicators
  • Individual catalog performance monitoring
  • Predefined reports and report-building tools
  • Actionable customer, product, and campaign insights
  • Combine data from multiple sources for deeper insights
  • Happy Customers


    Graphically Speaking is awesome! We have had an online store for 6 years and worked with many web companies in North America. Graphically Speaking is simply the best. They get the work done but more importantly the communication between them and their clients is incredible. Thank you for your services Adam Assadkhan

  • Happy Customers


    Graphically Speaking brings significant creative, skilled and experienced resources to the table. They can evaluate business objectives and drivers and make web platform recommendations that fit the requirements. And they have enough people on staff to cross-train on your project so that risk dependencies are mitigated. Reasonable rates and timely delivery. Highly recommended. Philip Baker

  • Happy Customers


    We recently started using Graphically Speaking for our 5 stores in the Fraser valley. The changes were night and day. Our Vancouver location especially saw a huge increase in online/walk-in traffic and calls . They were having a hard time being found until we used these Brad and his team. Mike Logan


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  • ★★★★★ The team at Graphically Speaking has been awesome to work with. Incredible response time and we have seen some very impressive results in a very short period of time. We look forward to continuing to work with them in the future!
  • ★★★★★ Provided excellent service and support for us during our project. Entire team was helpful throughout the whole process. Worked tirelessly to make our vision a reality, would highly recommend Graphically Speaking for your design and marketing needs.
  • ★★★★★ I have had a wonderful experience working with this company. They have developed two customized websites for me, both which I use for e-commerce. My project manager has always been really on top of her game and available to assist me with anything to do with my sites. Very pleased.
Talk to one of our Certified Magento 2 Solutions Specialists today to discuss opportunities, requirements and costs. Let’s Talk!
Magento Toronto - V2_03

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