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Our B2B Magento design & development experts serving Manitoba will help you Grow Revenue, Reduce Costs and Build Loyalty with a robust ecommerce platform customized specifically for your business.

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  • Certified B2B Magento designers and developers for eCommerce
  • Optional rapid Magento development with 90 to 120-day delivery options
  • Cost-effective pricing with Magento web design for better ROI
  • Product data expertise to maximize your conversions

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We’ll Help You Select the Services That Give the Best ROI.


B2B Magento Ecommerce

We deliver great value and a measurable return on investment with your Magento Ecommerce Online Store.

A winning B2B Magento development solution starts with a comprehensive understanding of your business profile, goals, opportunities and systems. With guided B2B ecommerce design planning and smart Magento development, you can attain your goals for B2B lead generation, sales targets, customer service, and ecommerce customer support in Manitoba.

Magento Website Design

Magento web design is part art and part science.

Professional Magento design requires a compelling mix of persuasive design tactics, effective user experience design (UX), and brand amplification strategies for successful Magento design projects. We inform every website with intuitive navigation, broad accessibility and fast order processing so that website visitors can easily purchase from the online store.

Our Magento ecommerce agency employs a qualified in-house team of experienced and certified Magento designers with the skills and experience to deliver client-centric Magento web design that helps to convert visitors to customers for real-value ROI.


Magento Development Company

You get valuable experience and a proven track record with our Magento Development Services.

We combine proven ecommerce development methods with a best-of-breed ecommerce platform – Magento 2. Our team has the skills to effectively integrate with your ERP business systems. You get branded Magento solutions tailored to your business and your customer needs.

Custom Magento development should offer a range of up-to-date Magento 2 design & development solutions to complement content marketing, SEO and product merchandising expertise Well-crafted Magento solutions can offer smooth user experiences and elegantly simple conversion pathways that help customers and drive online sales.

Magento Development Team

Training and knowledge matters with Magento web development.

Magento websites are only as good as the people who build them. Our Magento web development team are fully trained, not just in coding practices for Magento development but in all aspects of ecommerce web development. Our Manitoba Magento developers are experienced in ecommerce usability, eCommerce conversion optimization, ecommerce system integrations, and best practices to achieve ecommerce store sales. And our Certified Magento project managers have the knowledge and talent required to guide you efficiently through the Magento development process.

Choose a Magento web development agency that actively pursues professional and current Magento development certifications.


Ecommerce Done Right. Let's Talk!

B2B Magento: What You Need to Know

There are companies that now specialize in B2B Magento implementations and Magento migrations like our design agency, Graphically Speaking. These Magento development companies need to understand B2B businesses and how they work with the new breed of B2B Ecommerce software – Magento 2. In addition, they must have in-depth knowledge of product data, custom Magento integrations and other software platforms, pricing, shipping and then all the other capabilities of B2B Ecommerce.


Increased and Improved Sales

Your B2B Magento web design can take orders 24/7, easily handle re-orders, provide one click checkout and allow ordering online via their phone. It can also provide answers to frequently asked questions via self-service support sections. You can customize the way your Magento website design looks & the products it displays based on buyer preferences and history.


Customer-centric Experience

It is clear that users now prefer do-it-yourself options for researching products prior to purchase. Magento sites can provide them with access to self-service portals/websites with product descriptions, pricing, inventory, reviews, shipping and handling information, as well as their order history.


Higher Operational Efficiency

Digitization and automation of your Magento online business takes care of the routine tasks that previously were handled manually by your employees. This reduces errors and enables your staff to better advise, consult and support leads & clients.


The Right Tools

Gone are the days of B2B companies trying to force B2C Ecommerce platforms to meet their needs. Today the tools, such as Magento are available to meet most companies B2B requirements out of the box and more. This ensures adherence to best practices, far faster and less expensive implementations.

B2B customers state the “lack of speed in interactions with their suppliers” as the number one pain-point… twice as important as price.
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Important Features & Services for a B2B Ecommerce Website

Easy Online Experience for Your Customer & Sales People

Allow customers to get information they need in a more effective and timely manner. Examples can include custom catalogues, order history, special pricing, new product announcements, specials, etc.

B2B buyers demand personalized self-service, full-service, and hybrid purchase options. Magento development and designed sites offer customers different tracks for their individual purchase path: fast-track for repeat and bulk purchases; standard-track for regular purchases; and advanced-track for more complex, customized solutions.

For B2B Ecommerce sites registration is typically mandatory so that customers get access to custom prices, products, and terms. Authorized users can see products, prices, order-tracking information, and potentially pay for offline orders. Magento solutions handle this and more right out of the box.

B2B companies typically have different prices for different customers. With a Magento solution, these prices can be achieved with combinations like: discount for customer groups; prices for specific product bundles; quantity and volume discounts; or a combination of these methods.

Keeping the prices current for your customers and products can be a challenge. Plan for how you will address this. It’s typically via a system integration or via a file, to bulk upload pricing.

Pricing information is one of the most sought after pieces of information on a B2B website which is handled perfectly in Magento.

Your checkout process should match your company’s unique rules for payment and shipping.

Examples include:

  • Purchase orders available only to certain customers based on their credit limit and approval.
  • Integration of the checkout into your customers’ buying and approval process.
  • Certain products being restricted from shipping to certain geographic locations.
  • Enabling customers to charge the shipping to their accounts.

B2B customers often know exactly what they want, right down to the item number or SKU. Magento web design provides a direct form where customers can enter item numbers and quantities, to quickly add items to their cart without browsing and searching. Also if possible invoke one click checkout into your cart.

For a lot of businesses, many people can place orders under a single account. Account profiles can get complex and must be organized accordingly. Will each user see other users’ orders? How are the user profiles managed? What are the account restrictions for each user?

If a customer is in a rush to get an order, they need to know how much stock is available and ready for immediate shipment. Magento web development handles this from the get go. Customers don’t have the patience to receive an email sometime later that states that half of the order is back ordered. This is one of the most sought after pieces of information from B2B customers.

Continuity Orders (aka Repeat Orders or Subscription)

Often a customer places the same order each month, much like a consumer may have a weekly grocery list. They can save a lot of time with a recurring order that automatically reorders items at a set interval. With online self-service, customers can also adjust those orders if something changes.

Many B2B companies are loading all of their product data, inventory, pricing information, etc. into their Magento solution. They then password protect the sensitive or confidential information in the Magento web design and allow easy access for the sales or company representative.

Email marketing is a good way to drive repeat sales from your B2B customers. Integrate your Magento designed site with an email system to personalize and target messages based on customers’ site activity and order history. Customers appreciate emails that inform them of their products journey and delivery and this is a great opportunity to cross-sell and upsell.

86% of B2B customers prefer using self-service tools for re-ordering, rather than talking to a sales representative.
Magento Toronto - V2_03

B2B Website "Must Haves"

Make it easy for mobile users to interact and purchase by making your website mobile responsive. Ensure the checkout process works flawlessly on mobile devices. The mobile responsiveness of a Magento website is second to none and serves your customers anywhere, anytime on any device.

The Magento website system itself may not hold all of the key customer and product information, thus integration with other systems can play an important part of your Magento store’s success. Integration tools and capabilities have improved dramatically over the last couple of years with low cost and robust solutions. Custom Magento extension development allows for any integration of your business tool into your Magento theme development.

Search is critical for Ecommerce. Magento ecommerce development comes with search capability but improving the quality of your site search can greatly help conversions for a quick-win ROI benefit. Sophisticated, custom module development for search can often pay for themselves quickly.

Plan your Magento site navigation to assist users to find what they need, especially for sites with a large number of products. Common Magento navigational tools include: filtering by price, attribute or rating; viewing of most purchased products; and personalized product recommendations.

Configurators may be developed to solve all sorts of complications such as custom project pricing, parts specifications or freight. Configurator’s help customers make complex purchases easier and can help vendors reduce the cost of sales support.

Some products are complicated to quote and can require numerous interactions with the client. Built in quote management systems allow the potential customer to request a quote through a user friendly form, then the sales rep can configure, substitute products, price and send the quote back to the client. The client if necessary can then make modifications and send back to the sales rep for confirmation and then automatic entry into the Magento platform. This can streamline the process making it faster and simpler to do business with your company.

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    Graphically Speaking is awesome! We have had an online store for 6 years and worked with many web companies in North America. Graphically Speaking is simply the best. They get the work done but more importantly the communication between them and their clients is incredible. Thank you for your services Adam Assadkhan

  • Happy Customers


    Graphically Speaking brings significant creative, skilled and experienced resources to the table. They can evaluate business objectives and drivers and make web platform recommendations that fit the requirements. And they have enough people on staff to cross-train on your project so that risk dependencies are mitigated. Reasonable rates and timely delivery. Highly recommended. Philip Baker

  • Happy Customers


    We recently started using Graphically Speaking for our 5 stores in the Fraser valley. The changes were night and day. Our Vancouver location especially saw a huge increase in online/walk-in traffic and calls . They were having a hard time being found until we used these Brad and his team. Mike Logan


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  • ★★★★★ Provided excellent service and support for us during our project. Entire team was helpful throughout the whole process. Worked tirelessly to make our vision a reality, would highly recommend Graphically Speaking for your design and marketing needs.
  • ★★★★★ I have had a wonderful experience working with this company. They have developed two customized websites for me, both which I use for e-commerce. My project manager has always been really on top of her game and available to assist me with anything to do with my sites. Very pleased.
Talk to one of our Certified Magento 2 Solutions Specialists today to discuss opportunities, requirements and costs. Let’s Talk!
Magento Toronto - V2_03

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