Maintenance & Support

Technical Support by Highly Trained Specialists

Have Our Website Maintenance and Security Team Care for Your Web Property

Maintenance services include

  • Restoring hacked sites
  • Security monitoring
  • CMS upgrades
  • Website updates & enhancements
  • Technical support
  • Training

A broken, hacked, or outdated website can pose huge risks to an organization. Damaged reputations, compromised data, lost sales, the list goes on. Don’t let this happen to you. With rapid response times, escalation protocols, a highly trained and experienced service team and proactive Care Programs or on-demand tech support, we’ve got your back.

Our Website Maintenance & Web Security Services

If you find your website hacked, we’re ready to help. You’ll have a dedicated team of experts to support you and restore your website pronto. Our team includes network and hosting experts, certified front-end and back-end programmers, technical project managers, and an ecosystem of best- of- breed testing tools.
Website security is the most important reason to monitor and maintain a website. We can help you with a scheduled care program, and reports that list the status, updates made to your site; the uptime of the site; as well as a virus and malware report. Providing these version updates and malware scans is the best way ensure the security of your website.
Increased security, easier maintenance, new and advanced features, speed, and functional improvement, and offering users an overall better user experience, are just some of the reasons to upgrade an outdated version of a CMS. Our certified web developers and technical project managers are available to help you stay current with changing technology.
In the time between your website launch and next build, usually every 3-4 years, you will probably want to introduce some changes or enhancements to your website. These may include content updates, new pages, UX design and conversion optimization refinements, brand updates, new template layouts, new features, tools, or integrations with third party systems. Our UX strategists, PMI trained project managers, and certified website developers can help you to plan and execute website updates that bring real value to your enterprise.
Put simply, websites can break. So, if you experience technical issues with your website, or have some questions so that you can deal with an issue yourself, our support specialists are ready to help you or your IT team. We can help to dissect and fix issues, reconfigure functions, update code and plugins, test and confirm with the latest tools, or simply advise you as to the right course of action for any number of issues. For on demand support, we take a time and materials approach at hourly rates, so you are never bound to a technical support contract.
Some organizations prefer to manage regular day-to-day website updates inhouse and have our teams do the heavy lifting. In that case, we offer inhouse teams’ website and CMS training workshops, and post-training support - and our technical project managers are always available to answer your questions.
You’ll have a reliable partner for software or security upgrades, conversion enhancements, and on demand tech support. We provide support on an as needed time and material basis. You are never bound to a support contract and only pay for support that is requested.

WordPress Care Program

“No doubt that organizations get into problems running WordPress when they set it up and maintain it in a suboptimal fashion”
WordPress Co-Founder Matt Mullenweg

More websites run on WordPress CMS than any other website CMS, so naturally WordPress websites are frequently targeted by bad actors. And WordPress, like all CMS systems requires regular, ongoing monitoring and maintenance to remain stable and secure. That’s why we offer a WordPress Care program with regularly scheduled (3X/year) version and plugin updates.

Here's we do

  • WordPress version update
  • Plugin version updates
  • WordPress theme version update (if applicable)
  • Daily backups
  • Security scan
  • Scan of core files
  • Notifications of core file changes for malware
  • Health reports


WordPress Care Program