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July 12, 2022

Lumber & Building Materials Ecommerce Solution

Product Catalogues and Full Ecommerce Implementation

We are seeing LBM manufacturers, distributors and retailers looking for ways to better serve their customers online. In the past many LBM companies have not offered online product catalogues and ecommerce features. But as ecommerce continues to grow LBM customers are looking to shop, place orders and manage their account.

The solution we have successfully introduced to LBM manufacturers and retailers who are looking to take a big step towards ecommerce is the implementation of the Adobe/Magento ecommerce platform as well as the setup of a fully searchable online product catalogue. This provides their customers with a place where they can view all products and create a quote request for the products, they are interested in.

Building a product catalogue requires that all products are properly setup in a product database with titles, descriptions, and product details. In most cases the initial launch of a product catalogue does not include pricing but instead the ability for the customer to build a quote request with the products and quantities that they are interested in.

Magento is the ideal ecommerce platform for LBM companies looking to take the initial steps towards ecommerce.

Magento offers two versions and the free open source version can meet most of our LBM customers' requirements.

Magento gives our clients full control over their website content, product information, SEO, lead generation and quote requests.

In the future when our clients are ready to implement a full ecommerce website for their B2C and/or B2B customers they can easily add pricing and online payments to their Magento website. Often the upgrade to a full ecommerce website also includes the integration of an ERP system such as Epicor for pricing and inventory management.

Contact us today to know more about our ecommerce services.

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