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October 04, 2022

How Ecommerce Website Merchandising Strategies Can Drive Sales

What, Why and How to Apply Ecommerce Merchandising Strategies.

By employing eCommerce merchandising strategies businesses can:

  • Increase the quantity of orders placed
  • Encourage buyers to add more products to their order
  • Raise the dollar value of products purchased

How Valuable Are Your Ecommerce Merchandising Strategies?

By making your shopping more relevant to your audience by showing them the right products at the right time you can increase your average order value and the quantity of orders your customer place.

To help understand the value of merchandising… let us do a little math.

If your ecommerce website averages one hundred orders a day for 365 days a year, and each order is $80 in value, your total sales revenue will be $2,920,000. Now, by implementing some simple merchandising tactics you increase your order to $88 (10%), your annual sales revenue improves by $292,000!

If you only increase your order value 7% to $85.60 you will still see a revenue lift of $219,000 each year.

What about increasing the number of orders from 100 to 120 orders per day but not changing the price? Well, that equates to an annual increase of $584,000.

Ecommerce Merchandising Best Practices

  • Review your current merchandising strategies, including overall sales, discounts, bundling, and other criteria.
  • Use your analytics data to better understand your customers, their needs, buying habits, and what is working or preventing them from transacting with your business.
  • Look for your cross-sell, upsell, personalization, and related opportunities
  • Prioritize tactics that will return the highest ROI.
  • Continually review analytics, test, and adjust your site to refine your offerings.

How Can I Learn More?

If you are interested in improving your ROI by implementing or enhancing your eCommerce merchandising tactics, talk to one of our ecommerce practitioners, we would love to help. Contact an ecommerce expert today. 

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