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June 12, 2014

How to Create Content Ideas for Your Business Blog

This is part two of our content marketing series. Read last week’s post, “How to Create a Content Strategy.”

Last week we helped you lay the groundwork for your content strategy. Now it’s time to plan, brainstorm and organize your content ideas for maximum efficiency.

Is Your Content Strategy Guided by Audience Intent (or Just Keywords)?

Do you create content that is keyword-focused or audience-focused? When it comes to SEO, we can become so obsessed with keyword rankings that we sometimes forget about the needs of our future and present customer- base. This helpful article reminds you that first and foremost, your content needs to be providing value. After all, you’re “creating content for people, not search engines.”
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Content Strategy: One Update Is Good, a Series Is Much Better

Writing one-off content pieces is by no means a bad thing, but there are some advantages to writing a series. A successful content series contains three elements: an evergreen topic (a topic that will be talked about for years to come), timeliness (is it currently trending or is it about to trend) and expertise (why should people listen to you). This article highlights an outstanding example of a well done article series.
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How to Create an Idea Dashboard to Track Your Favorite Content Ideas

Brainstorming content ideas with no plan can be an exercise in futility. Consider creating an idea dashboard to help you track your favorite content ideas and help them grow. This approach will edit down your ideas, leaving the best topics remaining which means your blog will be populated with relevant and high-quality content.
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Eight Free Content Calendar Templates to Help Plan Your Output

It is important to remember that each piece of content should be tied to a larger set of marketing goals. To help you stay on track, delegate tasks and record your results in an organized manner, you should consider creating a content calendar. For a list of free templates or an explanation on how to create your own content calendar, check out this helpful article over on Econsultancy.
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