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August 09, 2022

The New & Improved Google Analytics Version 4

Take advantage of the new insights in Google Analytics 4

If you haven’t already heard, Google is saying goodbye to its current analytics platform (Universal Analytics) in less than a year, forcing users to transition to the newer Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

While the announcement that Universal Analytics will stop processing new hits in July 2023 is frustrating to many, there are several benefits to setting up a GA4 account, such as improved user engagement and customer journey tracking.

Setting up a GA4 account in conjunction with your existing Universal Analytics account sooner rather than later is also beneficial because it allows you to collect year-over-year data. We know the GA4 layout is very different from Universal Analytics and can be a challenge to learn, but the web analytics experts at Graphically Speaking are happy to help you get the hang of this new version of Google Analytics.

Our Digital Marketing Team Offers The Following GA4 Services:

  • Account set up
  • Custom reporting
  • Connecting account to other Google platforms (e.g., Tag Manager & Google Ads)
  • Ensuring goals and events from UA account are transferred
  • Basic training
  • Showcasing new benefits/features
  • Education on where to find your favorite stats

Maintaining your website performance data is important, which is why we’re eager to help you transition to GA4 sooner rather than later. Contact us to discuss our web analytics services and your options today.

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